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Magical new year diaries

One of our favourite stationers Indigo Story regularly partners with top Korean artists to produce beautifully illustrated notecards, pens, pencils, pencil cases & picture books. For the new year they have also issued a series of 2014 journals including this Peter Pan Diary. peter pan 2014 diary kim min ji [kim min ji, peter pan diary, kim min ji korean artist] Korean artist Kim Min Ji's enchanting illustrations of this beloved children's classic grace the pages of this 162 page undated diary. beautiful unique 2014 diary diaries [unique 2014 diaries, beautiful 2014 diary, 2014 diaries] unique unusual diaries diary [unique diaries, unusual diarys, unique diary] You can plan your year amidst the unfurling adventures of Peter, Wendy, John & Tinkerbell. Just magical! girls diaries diary for girls [girls diaries, diary for girls, girls diary] beautiful stationery diary notebook [beautiful stationery, beautiful diary, beautiful notebooks] beautiful stationery the magic notebook [the magic notebook, beautiful stationery, the magic notebook stationery shop] childrens stationery diaries notebook [childrens stationery, diaires for children, kids diaries]

Kim Min Ji is also the artist behind the fantastical illustrations of Alice in Wonderland in this dated 2014 diary. alice in wonderland diary stationery [alice in wonderland diaries, alice in wonderland notebook, alice in wonderland diary] With 145 pages for annual, monthly & weekly planning entries and a matching Alice pen this is a practical and very pretty diary choice. alice in wonderland 2014 diary diaries [alice in wonderland journal, alice in wonderland diaries, alice in wonderland notebook] Finally there is Indigo Story's Anne of Green Gables 2014 Diary which this time is illustrated with Kim Ji Hyuck's enchanting re-imaginings of Lucy Maud Montgomery's literary masterpiece. beautiful stationary the magic notebook shop [the magic notebook, beautiful stationery, lovely stationery] Throughout the year you can delight in these precious drawings. pretty lovely nice diaries diary [pretty diaries, nice diary, lovely diaries] nice lovely pretty diaries journals [pretty journals, nice journals, lovely diary] For more 2014 diaries and Indigo Story stationery we welcome you to The Magic Notebook store!

beautiful christmas diaries

At The Magic Notebook we are preparing for a magical Chrismas with our range of beautiful 2014 diaries & journals. Here are some of our festive favourites beginning with Livework's charming Le Journal d'April with its Winter Story cover. livework 2014 le journal d'april diary [2014 diaries, diaries 2014, beautiful 2014 diaries] livework stationery 2014 le journal d'april [best 2014 diaries, diaries, 2014 diary]

The enchanting Melody Diary with its pretty Harp cover is packed full of magical Christmas illustrations. livework's 2014 melody diary [beautiful 2014 diaries, best 2014 diaries, christmas diaries] livework's 2013 melody diary [pretty diaries, girls diaries, diaries 2013] livework 2013 melody diary [diaries 2013, diaries, pretty diaries]

Monopoly's Madeleine Diary is pure diary perfection with the most gorgeous illustrations throughout including this lovely wintry scene with snow, snowman, skates & sledging and then up, up & away with these delightful hot air balloons filling the summer sky. monopoly 2013 madeleine diary [monopoly diary, monopoly stationery, diaries] monopoly's 2014 madeleine diary [christmas diaries, christmas stationery, stationery gifts] monopoly's 2014 madeleine diary [beautiful diaries, best diaires, illustrated diaries]

Livework's enchanting Alice Diary with its "Snow" cover features a woolly-hat clad, ice-skating Alice and in spring, Alice, pretty in pink, picks tulips. alice 2013 diary [best diaries, top diaries, the magic notebook] alice 2013 diary [pretty diaries, unique diaries, girls diaries] alice 2014 diary [2014 diaries, diaries, 2014 diary]

And our final pick for 2014 Christmas infused diaries is Jamstudio's delightful Biscuit Diary with its eccentric take on the Christmas festivities and its wonderful robots! jamstudio biscuit diary [cool diaries, unusual diaries, unique diaries] jamstudio biscuit diary [the magic notebook, christmas diaries, christmas stationery] jamstudio 2014 biscuit diary [2014 diary, 2014 diaries, cool diaries]

the magic notebook for these and many other 2014 diaries & journals.

autumnal stationery

Autumn is soon upon us with its red, ochre & golden boughs. Here are our favourite stationery items with an autumnal flavour.

Livework's beautiful Le Journal d'April celebrate the beauty of all four seasons. The 2010 Autumn cover is an especial homage to windy days & rain coats in lovely autumnal shades of pink, red & brown.

academic year diaries [academic year diary, academic year journal, school year diary] autumn diary stationery [autumn stationery, autumn stationary, fall stationery]

Invite.L's simple & chic Der Reisende Diaries come in spectacular autumnal shades, including Wine, Egg Yolk and Vermillion.

back to school diaries [diaries for school year, diary academic year, academic year diary] academic year undated diary der reisende [stylish academic year diary, unusual academic year diaries, buy diary for school year]

GMZ's range of Make Space Notebooks includes the Orange Leaf. With a burnished orange cover this autumnal hued notebook is filled with bright colours & bold patterns.

orange autumn stationery [fall stationery, stationery for autumn, stationery for fall] unique patterned notebook make space [fun notebooks, colorful notebooks, patterned notebooks]

Ttable's delightful Full Moon Lantern Card is full of the mystery of All Hallows' Eve. When assembled the card can be hung over a light bulb or placed over a tea light to create a magical lantern.

ttable moon lantern card [beautiful stationery, beautiful stationary, unique stationery] ttable moon lantern halloween card [halloween stationery, stationary for halloween, halloween stationary] ttable full moon lantern card [unique cards, hand made cards, beautiful handmade cards]

Bbiddak's beautifully illustrated Jaesun Tape features birds, squirrels, deers and rabbits nestling in a magical undergrowth.

jaesun illustrated tape [gorgeous stationery, gorgeous stationary, lovely stationery] autumn fall jaesun illustrated tape [autumn stationery, stationery for fall, stationery for autumn wedding]

And finally DOA's spooky Ghost Notebooks are sure to get you in the mood for a frightful Halloween...

doa ghost halloween notebook [halloween stationery, halloween notebook, ghost stationer]

best 2013 diaries & journals

Here is our roundup of our top 5 diaries & journals perfect for welcoming in 2013.

No. 1 is Livework's classic Alice Diary with its wistful Daydream cover. As featured in Company magazine's best 2013 diaries list and Gem Fatale's Style Blog. alice diary [alice diary, alice 2013 diary, alice weekly schedule diary] alice diary [alice diary, alice 2013 diary, alice weekly schedule diary] alice diary [alice diary, alice 2013 diary, alice weekly schedule diary]

No. 2 is the delightful Piyo Diary shown here with its Friends cover has the prettiest illustrations throughout and comes with a Piyo Peeping Pen... livework's piyo diary 2013 [cute 2013 diaries, girls diaries, girls diaries 2013] livework's piyo diary 2013 [cute 2013 diaries, girls diaries, girls diaries 2013]

Livework's 2013 version of its classic Le Journal d'April is in 3rd place. Inspired by the theme Ma Vie en Bretange; charming illustrations of traditionally dressed Brittans abound. Here with its burnt orange "April" cover... livework le journal d'april [2013 diary, best 2013 diaries, 2013 diaries best] livework 2013 diary le journal d'april [best 2013 diary, best 2013 diaries, 2013 diaries] livework 2013 diary le journal d'april [2013 diary, 2013 diarys, 2013 diaries]

Jamstudio's mischevious 2013 version of its classic Biscuit Diary is in 4th place. Full of the brightest colours & most eccentric illustrations this is a truly unique diary... jamstudio's biscuit diary 2013 [2013 diaries, 2013 journals, best 2013 diaries] jamstudio's biscuit diary 2013 [2013 diaries, 2013 journals, best 2013 diaries] jamstudio's biscuit diary 2013 [2013 diaries, 2013 journals, best 2013 diaries]

Iconic's 2013 Day by Day Diary completes our list. Inspired by gardening, cake-baking, tea-making and all things beautiful & vintage... iconic day by day 2013 diary [iconic diaries, 2013 diaries, 2013 diary] iconic day by day 2013 diary [iconic diaries, 2013 diaries, 2013 diary] iconic day by day 2013 diary [iconic diaries, 2013 diaries, 2013 diary]

For more ideas for you perfect 2013 diary visit the magic notebook.

the Magic Advent Calendar

Enjoy the countdown to Christmas with the magic notebook's advent calendar featuring 24 days of joyful gift ideas & festive offers. The magic begins on 1st December... christmas stationery [stationery gifts, advent calendar, stationery christmas]